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About Us

#1 in California

"Duane and his crew are awesome, they're fast and efficient,  food was great and worked with my budget"-Jason Santer

                    Mission Statement


    At Duane’s Catering and Confections, our mission is to create unforgettable events by exceeding your expectations with innovative cuisine, exceptional service, and creative presentation. We will accomplish this by consistently:

  • Emphasizing quality above convenience in our service and food preparation.

  • Generating positive energy and respect with our clients and employees.

  • Exhibiting an enthusiasm to customize our services to our client’s needs.

  • Increasing our efforts to be community-minded and environmentally aware.


                      About Us


    We’re a small catering and baking company based out of the East Bay Area serving the Bay Area and Northern California region and the Los Angeles and Southern California region. We were established in 2009 and led by our CEO/ Founder/ Operator/ Head Chef Duane Smith. Chef Duane Smith went to school for culinary arts in San Francisco and then began his career as a chef in the Bay Area food scene.


    He began working at the award-winning Jun Noon’s restaurant based in Palo Alto, California where he and his team were featured in Esquire magazine, the local paper, and several California region news publications’. He and that team won the 2006 Best New Restaurant, he then worked his way to sous chef at the prestigious Luna Lounge based in San Francisco. He worked as a chef at various tech companies throughout the Bay Area such as Facebook, Google, apple, etc.


    At this point, he decided to open Duane’s Catering and Confections where he employs a full staff that can service your every need. We have master bakers, classically trained chefs, and excellent, wait staff, and all personal are serve-safe certified. We have catered for local police departments, fire departments, all the way up to city officials, and corporate events just to name a few of our most proud successes.


    We source locally, support local businesses, we are a practitioner of organic ingredients/foods, and we are an equal opportunity employer.

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