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When planning your perfect day, look no further than us. Food lovers're in for a tasty surprise.

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Food is my passion - my art is creating a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense.

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Fine Food Designed to Enthrall Your Senses with the Best Caterers In Bay Area?

Organizing a memorable event in the Bay Area while spending less than half of what you would otherwise spend? Duane’s Catering and Confections is one of the finest Bay Area catering companies that focus on quality while offering discounted catering. We are dedicated to offering the most convenient and affordable catering services in the Bay!

When you book our services, you are certainly in for a tasty well-priced surprise. Our food is cooked to perfection, keeping in mind your preferences. With the sumptuous selection of some of the high-quality organic ingredients, we create mouthwatering delicacies. Our mission is to deliver food that is curated to make every event unforgettable at the best prices.


With us, you’ll never be bored with food. As renowned discount caterers in Bay Area, we know how to create innovative cuisine and serve it creatively. Our passion for food underlines our efforts, allowing us to always exceed expectations.  

What Makes Duane’s Catering and Confections the Best Discounted Caterers in Bay Area?

If you are trying to find the top-notch catering in Bay Area, we are here to fulfill your desires while offering true value for money. Trying to understand what makes us different from the others? Here are a few reasons why you’d like to choose us.

  • We believe in quality over convenience

  • We are always enthusiastic about customizing our services

  • We understand the preferences of our valued patrons

  • We aim to enhance food preparation as well as presentation

  • We maintain positive energy between clients and our people

  • We are community-minded and aware of our environmental responsibility 


Resting on these unique qualities, we have emerged as one of the best Bay Area catering companies.

Duane Smith – Making Food Dreams Come Alive With the Best Catering In Bay Area

Duane Smith, our CEO, Founder and Head Chef started Duane’s Catering and Confections as a catering and baking company. With his extensive experience in the food industry, he started the company to create a difference in the food scene in the Bay Area while keeping the prices low. The team now includes classically trained chefs, master bakers and excellent service staff to cater to any occasion.

We have already served public service departments as well as corporate events with our great variety of dishes. So, if you want to opt for corporate catering in the Bay Area, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Under the leadership of Duane Smith, our team is equipped to handle different types and sizes of orders. We can always come up with a surprising menu that will overwhelm your senses while fitting in your budget.

Our Power of Being One of the Most Competitively-Priced Bay Area Catering Companies

We are also open for online orders. If you want to order food online in the Bay Area, we are just a call away. Check our amazing menu comprising appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, platters, soups and desserts. You can also order amazing cakes from us – all at budget prices.


We are also experts in delivering themed buffets for various occasions. Whether you want a Seafood, Barbecue or Indian-style buffet, we will create a delightful range of exceptional food. Apart from these, you can also try our Taco and Pizza Bar, the Chipotle Inspired, American, Caribbean or Mexican Buffet.

To book orders at Duane’s Catering and Confections, let us know beforehand. Make reservations on our website and we shall see you soon!

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